Sales Process

Sales Process

Sales Process

The important thing is to sell your property at the best possible price within the available time frame. G1 Property has established a reputation for doing just that.

Real Estate is a full time business. We work full time on your behalf to secure the best price from the many prospective buyers on our files. We keep abreast of all the events and market conditions affecting real estate in our community.

When your property is correctly promoted and priced for the market you can expect fast action - and full value.

In appraising your property we will conduct a detailed inspection of your property to ensure we understand all of its features, as well as conduct extensive research of the market sector relevant to property.

By discussing the various options available to sell your property as well as listening to your ideas and expectations we help you to select the best method of selling your property, explaining in detail how the selected sales procedure will work - from listing through to settlement.

When listing your property, we will provide a proposal of what we will do in relation to the marketing of your property and will also undertake to:-

Prepare a marketing schedule to ensure maximum exposure of your property to the selected target market.

Once your property is Listed, What Happens Then?

Most people sell very few properties in their lifetime, and wonder what a real estate agent does once their property is listed.

We arrange for our sales people to inspect your property, and the listing salesperson fully describes the property so each salesperson is fully equipped to handle any enquiry on it.

All of the team members will email their present purchasers to see if your property is suitable to their requirements. If so, times for viewing will then be arranged.

Other prospective buyers, who come to our office on an ongoing basis through advertising, signage and our reputations in the area, will be properly screened. If they have the ability to purchase your property, suitable times will be made for their inspections also.

Arrangements will be made for a prominent "For Sale" Sign to be erected.

Write and book creative advertisements for appearance in the local paper and arrange other media as required. Our sales team meets on a weekly basis to discuss the selling process of every property they have listed on their Exclusive Listing Programme. At these meetings, every consultant is required to provide the feedback of any interested parties that they have had to inspect your property.

Our Contract Administrator will prepare and issue all legal documentation and administer once signed by all parties concerned.

Details will be included on our computer listings.

We also conduct an interview canvassing of your immediate area. Many of your neighbours have friends or relatives who may have expressed an interest in that particular property.

Therefore it is important that your Property Consultant advises your neighbourhood that your property is on the market. These people may have work colleagues who would like to live in the area also, so once again your salesperson is exploring every opportunity.

Your G1 Property Mooloolaba Real Estate Representative will always work with you as a team. If you feel we have overlooked selling benefits of your property, feel free to discuss then in private or give us a call, please remember we are here to help.

Your property will be promoted by our office until a successful sale is completed.