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The Health Benefits of Living in a Waterfront Property

The Health Benefits of Living in a Waterfront Property

Since before humans even knew what ‘mental health’ was, the ocean has been the focus of meditation, deep breathing exercises and daydreaming for the stressed, depressed, and anxious. There is nothing quite like rolling waves and a never-ending blue ocean to calm the mind and soothe the spirit. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are flocking to the seaside living with the stressors of life getting greater leading them to seek greener pastures and bluer oceans. 

Science proves that water can help with mental health in a range of ways, taking humankind a step closer to everlasting happiness. A New York-based neuropsychologist, Sanam Hafeez, theorises that humans love being around water because something about it is inherently calming. Water can recall memories of youth, have a dream-like quality, and allow us to imagine a world bigger than our stress or issues. Simply staring at the water can cause the mind to be still and peaceful in a unique way. 

Water can focus the mind

a person standing on the cliff in front of the ocean

Most communities are built near bodies of water in some way, be it a man-made lake, ocean or even the local pool. People can experience the benefits of water in any sense and as humans, we are naturally drawn to water and even the colour blue. Living by the coast leads to an improved sense of physical health and well-being. In fact, contact with water can induce a meditative state that can make us happier, more creative, calmer, and inspire awe. Researchers, governmental bodies, and city planners all over the world work toward using water as a tool to promote community health. The European Union went as far as committing to a four-year research project on the effects of aquatic environments on the body and mind, exploring the best ways to use water to improve the lives and mental health of those living in busy cities. Researchers are exploring ways to draw people to shorelines, rivers and lakes to take advantage of the natural health benefits. 

Water promotes happiness for the entire community 

Living near the water, whether it is the beach or a man-made lake, isn’t just nice scenery, but it can offer many health benefits that are unavailable from any other natural source. It can lower blood pressure, decrease stress, encourage relaxation and improve happiness and productivity. The study performed by the European Union proved that people who live by the ocean were 22% less likely to display symptoms of depression or anxiety, and out of low-income households, those close to the water were 40% less likely to exhibit symptoms of mental illness. When it comes to preventing mental illness as the world gets busier, tougher, and more ‘connected’ to technology, coastal living provides a preventative and protective measure for both high- and low-income people.

The ocean and its health benefits

Ever since humans began to roam the Earth, they have been on the move, with the search for water a matter of life and death. Our senses respond positively to the water, whether it’s a sigh of relief when you get to look over the unending blue ocean or the natural relief that saltwater provides to some illnesses and injuries. Doctors used to prescribe time by the ocean as a cure for certain ailments, and certainly, they still should for the stress and fatigue of modern life. 

It’s time to make your move to waterfront property…

With no downside to indulging in our ancestral need for water proximity, plus the knowledge that the grass is *literally* greener on the other side, it’s no wonder that people from all around the country are flocking to the Sunshine Coast to experience the mental, physical, and social benefits of coastal living. 

Mooloolaba is on the coast of QLD, with headlands, rivers, and beaches around every corner. The esplanade is a hub of activity from family fun at Sea Life to delicious restaurants, shops and galleries to explore. There is a wide range of properties that offer the perfect immersion of coastal living, whether you’re an apartment lover or you find comfort in being able to stretch out in a large home.

Mooloolaba waterfront view

We have been helping people to relocate, upscale or improve their property portfolio in Mooloolaba for over 17 years, with our clients enjoying world-class lifestyle investments. The stylish waterfront properties within Mooloolaba, the Maroochydore River and the Mooloolah River mouth offer a unique lifestyle experience like nowhere else in the world. The beauty of Alexandra Headland and Duporth Avenue is quickly becoming a hot real estate market of their own. These vibrant neighbourhoods have never failed to attract excited interest from home buyers, renters, and travellers, thanks to their combination of panoramic ocean views, excellent infrastructure, year-round sunshine, and clean, easy living. We have set the benchmark as Mooloolaba real estate agents, and we offer unmatched personalised service with exclusive knowledge plus innovative buying and selling techniques. 

If you’re ready to improve your mental wellbeing, lifestyle, and opportunity by embracing the coastal life found in Mooloolaba and its surroundings – contact us today to discuss how we can help with your sea change.